The Leadership Academy is an online business school for the modern entrepreneur.


  • You’re starting your business & ready to reach clients
  • It’s time to make your side hustle your main gig
  • Or, maybe you have a few clients & you’re ready to grow
  • It’s time to let go of your J.O.B.
  • You’re passionate & want to make a difference
  • You’re unclear about your message or target audience
  • You’re ready to change lives, while creating sustainable income for years to come

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

The world as we know it is changing, period.
Businesses will no longer be able to operate the way they once did.
Leadership Academy is on the forefront, providing real world solutions for women entrepreneurs.
Leadership Academy helps you reach your
professional and business goals in a changing economy by:
  • Clarifying Your Vision and Goals for your business so you know how to reach them
  • Strategizing your action plan and the steps to help you reach your goals
  • Upgrading your business & marketing skills so you get in front of more people
  • Optimizing your environment so you maximize your income producing activities
  • Mastering your mindset so you breakthrough personal blocks that hold you back
  • Resolving success and money blocks that hold you back
With major transitions taking place in the economy, how do you pivot, make necessary changes while feeling supported?
Leadership Academy provides the resources and community women entrepreneurs need to overcome their business challenges.
Whether you’re looking to take your business to the next level, achieve the optimal life-work balance or resolve business and personal issues for good, start with Leadership Immersion and end with success!
There needs to be a new vision, strategic actions and innovative solutions for your business to Thrive!


  • Clarify Your Vision & Message

  • Design Your Funnel

  • Build Your Clientele & Master Sales

  • Design Your Client Funnel

  • Master Social Media Marketitng

  • Grow Your List & Client Base

  • Build or Uplevel Your Website

  • Design Irresistable Offers

  • Maximize Your Vision & Legacy

  • Strategize Your Profits

  • Develop Multiple Streams of Income

  • Create Lucrative Referrals & Collaborations

Clarify Your Vision

Clarity is the foundation for success

Having a clear vision of your goals is vital to achieving them. Winging it is costly of your time, money and energy. Elite Mastermind membership helps you clarify your vision and aligns your actions with it so you get the results you want.

Strategize Your Actions

Without a sound strategy, results are inefficient

To navigate the changing economy, business owners need to be different to get amazing results. Having a stragetic plan that provides the daily action steps necessary to achieve it is vital. Elite Mastermind helps you reverse engineer your goals and create your success strategy.

Upgrade Your Skills

Knowledge is the key to success

Everyone has unique talents, but sometimes they don’t have all the skills for success. You may have great ideas, but have no idea how to monetize them.  Elite Mastermind membership helps you upgrade your sales, marketing, communication, general business and other skills to create the results you want.

Master Your Mindset

Your mindset plays a big part in success

Mastering your psychology and mindset is vital for success. Most people don’t know how to overcome core beliefs and emotions they have related to money and success. Elite Mastermind sessions include tools to help you master your energy so you breakthrough money and success blocks and get the results you want.

MONTHLY Inner Secrets Business Training with Jana

You’ll get monthly live training classes & bonus pre-recorded training calls to support you with every aspect of growing your business from strategizing your business, building your list & client funnels, marketing, packaging & pricing your services, launching & optimizing your website, making client-attracting videos, hiring an assistant, & more.


Join small group (20 or less) Q&A Calls with your coaches and Jana twice monthly. We’ve added an additional MONTHLY Q&A Call as well for extra support. Q’s not answered on the calls will be answered in your private Facebook group within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Virtual Workshop Days

Spend 2-3 hours together virtually as a group & get step by step directions to implement what you’re learning – like launching your Facebook Page or Group, engaging marketing posts, following up with potential clients, posting your website, creating your lead magnet, etc.

Exclusive Entrepreneur Leadership Facebook Community

This online community is alive night & day, ready to support you with your business journey. Use this page to get quick feedback for your talk titles, marketing ideas, website copy, programs & offers. Share your struggles & celebrations & get support.

Exclusive Small Group Masterminding Sessions

Join your trainers & fellow students in virtual breakout sessions. Get feedback as you practice making your offers, your enrollment conversations, sharing your client attracting stories, communicating with JV partners & more.

Business Library

Get immediate access to amazing business content that supports you in getting started, launching & monetizing your signature talk, mindset & money tools & MUCH MORE

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