Girl, I know you. Your hustle.
Your grind. Your drive.
Yet it never seems to be enough.

If I had a conversation with your bank account, what do you think it would say about you? Does your money feel valued and respected? Or does it feel ignored?

Most people don’t know how to manage money and flow in abudance.
I get it! I used to feel the same way, until I learned how to shift my relationship with money I kept getting the same results – frustration and just getting by. I knew I was worth more, I just didn’t know how to get it.
Then I discovered how to unplug from the limiting beliefs an family programming aorund money & success and connect with the flow of abundance.
I’m now on a mission to empower women both personally and professionally by helping them understand the practical, emotional and energetic properties of money so they Thrive in Abundance!
  • Transform limiting belief about yourself & money

  • Uplevel your money mindset

  • Increase your money confidence

  • Unplug from family programming around money & success

  • Create strategies that help you reach your financial goals

Women Rocking Money is a 11-week group coaching program that helps you reach your financial goals and more. It boosts your financial literacy, shifting your mindset and increasing your confidence about money and success. You’ll also discover how to transform fear, scarcity, worry, beliefs, behavior patterns and programming related to money and success. Women Rocking Money empowers you with the tools and mindset to live a purpose driven, abundant life.

Your business is an extension of you. The shift in the economy is forcing every business to adapt. Many will cling to the old way of doing things, but not you. You’re innovative, a pioneer and here to serve and transform humanity.  Business Abundance is a group coaching program that helps you clarify your vision and strategically set a course towards your goals. During the proram you’ll uplevel your mindset and business skills, as well as release limiting beliefs. You’ll discover how to serve your unique niche’ in a whole new way, transforming yourself, your business and creating abundance and building a busness that fits into your life.

When uncertainty is the only certainty, where do you begin to make necessary changes? You know there needs to be a new vision and innovations to thrive. But how? How do you adapt and pivot your business? Leadership Imersion is a mastermind option with the resources leaders need to overcome business challenges. Whether you’re looking to lead your team to the next level, achieve the optimal life-work balance or solve your business issues for good, start with Elite Exec and end with success.

Believe it or not… there’s an energetic connection that
either brings abundance TO you… OR pushes it away.

It’s not YOU… It’s your Money Story

Hello beautiful! Welcome to our community. I’m Jana Groscost

I’m on a mission… to empower women to live a purpose driven life,
by maximizing their unique Super Powers and thriving in their Genius Zone.

With my passion and enthusiasm, I inspire women to dream bigger and live bolder.
My soul-purpose is empowering women, especially financially.

As a business consultant and former tax accountant, I love helping women increase financial literacy, boost confidence, and maximize their personal strengths. As an Energy Healer, I help women unlock their potential and blast past crippling patterns that prevent growth and freedom.

Brick by brick, I strategically help women get better results by giving them tools to
breakthrough limitations and take action. It’s my job to show them how to do that.

What thrills me most is seeing the shift women make as a result of participating
in my programs. It literally lights me up when they get it!

Join our Good Vibe Money community if you’re finally ready to Unleash Your Abundance!

It’s time to be setting and achieving outrageous money goals… Thriving in Abundance.
I’ll be guiding you towards success, empowering you with the practical skills and money mindset to move you forward.
But only you can decide if you’re ready to be WILDLY Successful and Thriving in AbunDANCE! 
Have you decided you’re worth it too?